About Us

Sports and Retro started as a small specialized clothing store only selling sports related shirts, sweatshirts, both winter and spring jackets, and hats.

As a life-long sports fan, I am obsessed with old sports clothing and memorabilia. If it looks cool I will wear it. Doesn't matter what team or sport it is. After too much collecting I decided to open an online used clothing store. Since that day, we have made so many people satisfied with their new closet additions. Check out our Poshmark reviews where we have feedback from hundreds of customers.

Sports and Retro offers new and unique used clothing items at affordable prices. We sell tee shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, shoes and everything in between. All of our selections are hand-picked and must meet our high standards of quality. Our clothes are sourced from a variety of different places to guarantee you a distinctive selection from Sports and Retro.

Cartoon Drawing of Logan Abrego, Owner of Sports and Retro vintage specialty clothing store and online thrift shop

Meet Logan

My favorite teams are the Minnesota Twins and the St. Louis Rams. My favorite sport memories include playing baseball growing up, watching Steven Jackson run for touchdowns, Torii Hunter slamming against walls, Kevin Garnett with the Timberwolves, Jeff Fisher going 7-9, Patrick Mahomes throwing bombs, and Kyle Busch winning NASCAR races.

I love wearing sports clothing and always have. Started wearing jerseys in elementary school cause my dad would always buy me them. As I got into high school I started to collect other apparel like hats and eventually jackets, sweatshirts, everthing! Eventually I had to many clothes and had to start sharing them with others. I have sold hundred of items to satisfied customers and I cannot wait to have the opportunity to show you why.